September 8, 2010

Workbasket Switchup

Today, while in the midst of avoiding work I really needed to do, I spent a few minutes sorting out the basket that holds my current knitting projects. Why the clean out (apart from the avoidance)? Well, for one, it had several non-knitting items that kept getting caught up in the yarn. A yellow dragon wing minus the dragon. A small race car. A granola wrapper. Some crayons. All those fun things that children love to tuck away out of sight instead of putting them where they belong. But also because.....drum roll....I finished my sweater!

Of course after a week of cool mornings and evenings I finished the last row just in time for it to climb up into the nineties again, but at least it'll be ready for the next cool down. It's cozy and soft and pretty and maybe a tad too big, but better too big than too small, right? The teeny bit I've gotten to wear it, I've loved it. When it's not a thousand degrees outside I'll get Will to snap a photo of it so I can show it off a bit.

Since I'm now done with the massive sweater project, I've decided it's time to get my rear moving on my knitted gift for everyone for the solstice project. Evelyn's sweater is underway, with the back about half done and now, as of last night, Will's slipper socks are started. I'm a little nervous about the socks as they are knitted on skinny little DPNs and I hate knitting on those things. I always seem to get the stitches twisted between needles. I've also already managed to loose one of the five needles so instead of splitting the stitches over four needles I'm working on three. But so far so good. I haven't screwed up the stitches as far as I can tell and the wool, an Aran Tweed my mother gave me (which she says I gave her when we lived in Ireland, although I have no memory of giving away yarn this pretty, why would I have done that?) is very nice to knit with.

Briton's project is still undecided. He wants either a hoodie or slippers. A hoodie seems like another huge project and the slippers he wants are felted which, well, we know how long the last felted slipper project lasted, so that's not looking great either. I'm hoping Will's slippers fly by, making me feel like another largish project is no big deal. Here's hoping. How are your projects going this week?