September 6, 2010

One Thing

I've been thinking a lot about this little old blog o'mine. When I started, I just wanted somewhere to chatter about my projects. In fact, I wasn't even sure I wanted people to see it. But then I began reading, and being inspired by, other bloggers. It's an amazing thing, this blogosphere. Ideas are everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. Thoughts abound, waiting to be read. Stories whip and curl and weave their way through our lives, connecting people we would never have known if not for this thing called the blog.

So starting this week I'd like to try something new. I want to know what you are up to. What you want to be up to. Even what you would be up to if you didn't have a pile of dishes or a deadline or a potluck that you have to make Aunt Bessie's casserole for. Every Monday I'm going to ask you to tell me One Thing that you would like to do or create or dream about that week. It doesn't matter if you really get around to doing it, although, I hope you do. I know I'm forever making list of things I'd like to create, or sew or make. Because I want to. Not because it's on someone else's to-do list or because I should. But because I want to. And maybe if we tell each other what we'd like to be doing, we'll really do it.

If you've been lurking around here, now is the time to speak up. Link your blog so I can go read about what you're up to, or if your don't have a blog, that's cool too! Just tell me what little spark is floating around your head this week. I really do want to know.

So here goes, I'll start folks, because well, I guess I better do it to, if I'm asking you!

One Thing
This week, the one thing I'd like to get done, for me, is my sweater. I've been farting around with it all summer when it was really too hot to knit, thinking I'd get it done by the time it was cool enough to wear it and what do you know, it's starting to get just a little nippy in the mornings (thank you weather gods!) but instead of having it ready to pull on when I dash out to take Briton to the bus, it's still languishing in my workbasket. Time to finish it!

What One Thing do YOU want to do this week?