August 3, 2011

big knits and little knits

When we visited New York over Spring Break, I caught a glimpse of a woman hurrying on to the subway at Broadway and 72nd, wearing the most beautiful sweater vest. I was in love. I have to have it. Also, I was freezing cold and a sweater seemed like heaven at the moment. The sweater in question was pretty close to this pattern from Quince and as I had a ton of leftover yarn from the last sweater I knit myself, I decided to give it a go. And now, what four months later? It's finally done. Just in time for the heat to well and truly set in.
I really like the shape and the fit of this sweater but the yarn, not so much. I knit the sweater in this because I had most of what I needed and I wasn't sure I would like how it looked on me. Now I'm wishing I'd gone ahead and knit it in a nicer yarn. This yarn isn't my favorite for a number of reasons, most of which would be boooring to anyone who isn't a knitter so I'll spare you. But the worst is pretty obvious, and really, it's my fault. I didn't note the dye lot when I bought the first two skeins and when I needed a third, well, as you can see, it totally didn't match.

The solution, I think, is to overdye the whole sweater, maybe a dark brown or greeny-brown. I've never done it so I'm not sure if it will work, but I guess it's worth a try. Anyone ever dyed a sweater before? Advice?

When this sweater got too big to haul around on the subway with me, I switched to some smaller projects. Now I would first like to say that these are NOT for me. No. Not at all. but they are pretty darn cute.
The booties are this pattern which is available free on Ravelry.
This hat is for a small girl acquaintance of mine but Evelyn and Will have already requested their own. It's a pattern that I made up and I'll share it with you once I work out the sizes for someone other than a one year old. I might even knit one for myself. I like that little elf peak!
I've got another hat in the works right now and am about to get started on some serious Christmas knitting. I know, Christmas? But Briton wants a hoodie sweater and that will take me ages. I hate sleeves (notice how my sweater was sleeveless? Ahh, I like sleeveless sweaters!)

Anyone else starting to get into homemade Christmas gift mode? I know it's crazy but it's going to take me the four months + to get done all the things I want to make, so I guess it's now or never!