August 22, 2011

two and a half weeks of summer

Yes, I realize that summer is, in fact, just about over. But finally, finally, Will is done with this term and we can all spend some time enjoying the last bits of summer together. Two and a half weeks to be precise. Two and a half weeks before Evie starts Kindergarten and Will starts fall term and Briton and I dive into homeschooling (Ack! I'm not ready! I'm not ready!)

This weekend, after a hot and windy trip to the kite festival, we sprawled out on the couch and made a list together. Two lists, actually. One with all of the things we have to do before school starts (fill out paperwork, dentist, finish uniforms, etc.) and another of the things we want to do during out little break. Surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, it's the wants that we are all focused on, even though we know we should be taking care of those have-to's.
So as of today, we are on a mission. To squeeze every last bit of summer that we can into these next two and a bit weeks. To spend some much needed time as a foursome again. First up... The zoo.

How are you spending your last weeks of summer?