August 5, 2011

snippets from the week

Because we spent the week playing turbo tourists, I didn't tote my camera around town most of the time. Too much weight. So most of these are iphone pics, but fun all the same.
The Zoo! I forgot that we went to the zoo. Was that just a week ago? Wow, it feels like, well, longer than a week. On this trip to the Central Park Zoo we visited the Children's Zoo for the first time and Evelyn made friends with this Alpaca. She spent an hour tempting him with zoo treats, squealing every time he licked one out of her hand. They had to kick us out when the zoo closed.
The play on Saturday was a bust. We went, roaring in right as the play was about to start only to find that they had cancelled the show that day because no one else was there. Although I don't actually think Evie knew what a play was, she was disappointed none the less, so off we went to Serendipity where she ate an ice cream sunday as big as her head.
I noticed a few weeks ago that most of the benches in Central Part have memorial plaques. I try to read them as I pass (when I can, I'm usually saying either "hurry up!" or "Wait! Wait!" when I walk in the park). This one is my favorite so far. How sweet is that?
Waiting, waiting... when will they get here!
I'm not sure what this thing is embedded in the sidewalk down in Soho, but it was layered with stickers and looked sort of stunning next to the gray of the sidewalk and the black of the street.
Boat time!
You think that they are looking at the Brooklyn Bridge, but in fact it's the Mr. Softie Ice Cream Truck that they are watching. Because we never see any of those...
Chillin. On the boat. Just two guys and the Statue of Liberty.