August 4, 2011

island hopping

I have a thing for islands. My favorite places in the world are all islands. Ireland, England, The San Juan Islands, Nantucket, Bainbridge.... I haven't been to New Zealand but I'm pretty sure I'd love it there too.
For some reason, I find it hard to think of Manhattan as an Island. It is, I know, but it just doesn't seem that...island-like. I think it's the wind thing. If you'll notice, all of my islands are cold and windy and wet kind of islands, except for maybe Nantucket, but when we visited, it was, so it counts. I like the salt wind that makes your face sting a little and the smell of ocean water. Here the wind smells like, well, it's August and the streets are getting pretty hot, so I wont describe what the wind often smells like, but it's not ocean or salt or island. I'm sure it will be nicer in the fall.
Yesterday I got a wee little island fix. After two days of go-go-go sight seeing, we spent the day at a slower pace with a trip to the end of the line and then a ferry ride to Staten Island. I'm going to be honest, the fact that it was gray and threatening rain made me a little giddy-happy. Because I'm weird like that. The prospect of being out on the water, heading to an island in Northwest-like weather was just what I needed after the weeks of hot and humid days. We didn't actually plan on doing anything when we got there, it was more the ride over and back that we were after (although, I picked up some maps of the island and a day long trip back is high on our "To Do Before School Starts" list.) But for yesterday, it was enough to just ride on a boat and feel the wind and run around on the deck of the terminal with the city in the background.
It's wasn't quite the kind of island I am partial too, but it was close enough to count. Is it foolish to think that a few hours out in the wind, away from the city, can recharge your soul a little bit?