August 19, 2011

snippets from the week

We had a stay at home kind of week until yesterday. Lots of reading and lego-ing and knitting and more reading with a few little trips to the park to keep things fresh.
It was cool enough a few of the days to wear a sweater, as you can see. Which made me ridiculously happy. I'm still thinking of over dying my sweater but I need to do test run on some of the leftover wool and I haven't figured out what color I really want yet, so weirdly striped brown it is for the time being. Also, our hall is very narrow.
Speaking of the hall and cooler days, in an attempt to think ahead to the months when we will be coming in with coats, I asked my dad to make a wall mounted coat rack with a slot at the top for mail. Duel purpose action! And it arrived this week! Perfect! Now I'm on the hunt for a narrow bench to replace that table (which wobbles every time someone passes and will collapse any day now I'm sure) so that we can sit on something when we are pulling boots and shoes on and off. For now we are mostly wearing flip flops, so we can just toss them off, but soon a bench will be necessary. Ahh, small space living...
We also managed a trip on a particularly rainy day to the Natural History Museum to retrieve a lost hat and hang in the prehistoric mammal hall.
On the way, I found the perfect house. I want to move in immediately!
The big excitement of the week was, of course, Briton's birthday and our trip to the beach.
Briton happily dug holes (for hours!)
Evie made sand castles and hung with the girls on the beach.

I got a sunburn. But it was worth it to sit in the ocean breeze and dig my toes into the sand. Bliss

And when we got home, there were new Legos, and an ice cream cake. And a daddy who is thiiiiiissssss close to being done for the term! Yay!

How was your week?