April 12, 2013

maple syrup one, two, three

I can't get over the difference in color. A little lurking on a sugaring discussion board (oh yes, there is one, more than one actually!) shows that the very dark syrup is common this year, that a lot of people with a lot more experience and a whole lot more trees than our little project are getting dark dark syrup as well. Will thinks the last, which is the darkest, is the best. I can't decide, I think they are all equally good, but all slightly different tasting. The darkest is definitely the sweetest. I think we may get one more boil out of our trees. We thought it was going to get too warm but since it is currently below freezing and sleeting to boot today, well, I think another round might be possible. I hope so. Because even though it takes ages and is kind of a pain, it's so fun to see those jars full of our own syrup on the shelf. And it's going fast. In fact, I think we'll have pancakes for dinner tonight!