April 25, 2013

well hello old friend

We have only been down to the resting log once since the snow started falling in earnest. The path down is a little steep and precarious at the best of times, and covered with ice and snow was downright dangerous. But the last of the snow has officially gone, even from the little shady spots where it seemed like it would last forever. So down to the creek we went.

The water is still icy cold. Too cold to stand in while you dig new channels or search for that perfect rock. But there is plenty of bank to play on, and flat stones to try to skip across the water. And the resting log is still there, waiting for us to stop and sit and stay awhile. Maybe not as long as we will this summer. The wind whips along the little ravine and we end up chilly after a short stop, ready to head home for hot chocolate. But it's nice to see our old friend the resting log again.