April 10, 2013

spring dash

We are a little bit overrun with sap at the moment. I collected it throughout the week last week for a weekend boil which got pushed to Monday. And by that time the buckets were overflowing again on the trees. The sap that I had from earlier in the week came out of the trees dark and boiled down to an almost molasses brown maple syrup. Today I'm boiling again, this time the sap is clear again so I'll be curious to see what we end up with. Delicious whatever the color though. I love the smell of the house when the syrup is finishing off, intensely mapley and sweet.

It is officially spring here. The beech trees are starting to bud out and the days are alternatly sunny and drizzly. April showers, which I hope will bring May flowers. Although we don't really ahve many flowers planted here yet. The snow receeds more and more each day, which is good for the garden but unfortunate if you are ten and like to spend yoru afternoon hours pretending that your backyard is the Hoth Rebel base. He's going to have to switch from TonTons to Ewoks (we are heavily into Star Wars at the moment).

Although it seems like it's been forever in coming, it also seems to have turned to spring overnight. The woodstove hasn't been lit in days, the kids try to sneak out the door in shorts and short sleeves. When the sun is out it's a bright yellow, not the white light of winter and the sky is blue blue. I remember being kind of fascinated by the blue of the spring sky when we came to visit before moving here. So blue. So clear.