April 5, 2013

sun to snow to sun again

We've had a little bit of everything, weather-wise this week. It snowed, it hailed, it rained, but then again it was sunny and warm too. I spent most of yesterday trying to sleep off a sore throat and pounding sinus headache and watching documentaries on how they found Richard the Third in a car park in England (very interesting), bundled under blankets with cups of tea. When I pried myself off the couch to go pick up the kids, low and behold the sun was shining. And it was, almost, warm out. Warm enough, at least, to sit outside the general store in the village, eating an after-school pretzel and working on homework next to the brook that was, for the first time in what seems like ages, actually running. There were two older ladies sitting on the next bench eating ice cream sandwiches. We drove with the windows down on the car and I think the fresh air cleared my sinuses more than any sleeping or decongestants did. Ah sun. It's still muddy and grey out, but when the sun is shining, I care less about that. When the sun is shining, spring seems almost within reach.