January 21, 2011

And Now 2011 Can Begin

Oh yeah, the calender is here. Do you ever obsessively check the tracking on a package, even though you know when it will arrive, just to see if maybe, maybe it will come sooner? Well, I do. Not all the time actually, just occasionally I get a little, um, obsessed, with what I've ordered and I CANNOT wait. I remember ordering a copy of a book in college and calling the special orders desk at the school store twice a day (at lease) to see if it had arrived YET? It's almost always books that get me into a tizzy like this.
Now a days I can download a Kindle version for my phone if I'm really that obsessed, unless it's a cookbook. Or a knitting book. Which these days it usually is since I'm not getting a lot of chill out and read time. (I have been making an effort to go to bed earlier to read, but I seem to fall asleep before I've gone a page, which I guess is a sign that I've been living on way too little sleep for the past few years!)
But back to the calender. After a week of checking lulu.com every day (more than once, ahem) for progress and then fedex for three days for shipping updates, it finally arrived and I'm kind of ridiculously in love with it. It's not perfect. The color of the cover isn't quite what it looked like on my screen and even though I went with the smallest hardback size available, it's still a little big. Although it did prompt me to clean out my purse so that it would fit and not get gooed up by things lurking at the bottom (enough change to pay for a full price evening movie ticket was down there too, no wonder I have a sore back!) There is one tiny formatting thing that I would change, but it's not something that is going to make a difference really to how it works. Overall, I'm really, really pleased.

I spent Wednesday evening filling in events on the January calender and on this week's pages. And then yesterday I worked on crossing off this week's chores (clean out under the beds, yuck, haven't gotten to that one yet) Love that I have the menu in there, I almost didn't put that in and I'm so glad I did.

My only concern is that I feel a little bit like my entire brain is all in this one book. If I ever loose it I'll be done for. Even more so than my phone. Although loosing my phone would be pretty bad, mostly because I can not for the life of me remember phone numbers anymore. The number for my childhood house in Idaho is still ingrained in my head but if you asked me to call either of my best friends from a phone other than my own I wouldn't have the foggiest idea. I can barely remember my husbands number. Which is a little sad. I think I used up all of my phone number storing ability in the 1990's when all my friends and I had our own phone lines are spent most of our lives calling each other using the three-way-call function.

In other news. my first column is up over here. You'll see that the whole, calender, chore list idea has been on my mind a lot lately. And there is also a very nice piece about me in one of our local design magazines, ABODE. I'm not sure that I actually said all those things in the sidebar though. It doesn't really sound like me, but maybe I'd had a lot of coffee that day. Or not enough.