January 24, 2011

Planning, Plotting, Dreaming (and a leetle Scheaming)

Briton came home from school yesterday on a mission. A mission to earn money. At first he wanted to pay all of his friends 10 cents to help make cards and then sell those cards (to his friends presumably) for $1 which, you know, from a Donald Trump point of view is probably pretty smart. But from a be-a-good-citizen-in-our-small-town point of view, not so much. His next plan involved mowing lawns (which he estimates will take him about 5 minutes per lawn, humm) or to make belts like the ones we made in the boys sewing class. When I explained how much he would need to spend buying belt making materials though, he moved on to plants. And since I had the seed catalogues out and my gardening notes from last year open, well, plants, I can do. (And yes, I know it's only January, but last year I started seeds in early February so it really is time! Eek!)
He has been more interested in gardening this winter than he was during the summer when the actual gardening was going on. It could be that he'll loose interest once we have to, you know, actually dig in the garden. But he's spent a good amount of time thumbing though my John Seymour book lately - we've gone over the difference between root crops and vine crops and have discussed the possibility of a) bees (possible, if I can talk Will into it) and b) goats (probably not, considering the look on Will's face when we brought it up - oh well) as well as whether or not we could make cheese in our kitchen (kid after my own heart, my boy).
So while I went though the Southern Seed Exchange catalogue (my best luck seemed to come from seeds from them last year - thank goodness for note taking!) Briton looked through the rest of the pile and debated his options. His first thought was roses but he was put off by the cost of just one plant and quickly moved onto seeds, settling on sunflowers and tomatoes, and maybe zinnias, which, you know, I think might be some good choices. Neighbors of mine beware, my son will be knocking on your door come spring. If he can keep up with the watering. ;)

Oh, and storm door? Up. All me. Ok, it needs a little adjusting. But I did get the door up while my husband lay prone on the couch with the stomach flu. And it's so much warmer in here! Yay! I did, however, decide that it's time to get a girl drill. Will's new, fancy drill, which he loves, is a little to crazy powerful for me. I need a lightweight, not a lot of vroom vroom kind of drill. And if it's a fun color, even better.)