January 3, 2011

Oops! Is it Monday Night Already?

We have had an, ahem, slow start back to normalcy today. The bus was missed (for which I'd like to blame the Apple alarm issue except I can't because actually Evelyn turned the volume off on my phone when she came in at 5 am asking for toast and then promptly fell back asleep, but it's comforting to know that we still wouldn't have woken up) Lunches were tossed together and children were rushed to school. And since then...well, I'm not sure where the day went. After school went smoothly and then suddenly it was bedtime and I realized that I'd spent the whole day offline. Ooops, and ahhhh as well. It was kind of nice.
My grandmother is in town for a few day (yes that grandmother, the one who taught me to sew and craft and tried to teach me to knit except I was too stubborn or clueless to manage it) and we spent the afternoon browsing Ravelry (which she'd never seen but I think I may have gotten her a little hooked on) and new knitting and sewing book acquisitions, checking out her needle felting (I smell a new hobby) and just generally having fun together, eeking out one more stolen day for the holidays.

Tomorrow we'll be more organized. Lunches will be packed before bed, children will be woken up at a decent hour instead of 15 minutes before they have to be at school. And life will be normal again. Or normalish. I hope. My big project of the week will be to get my 2011 calendar sorted. So far I haven't found anything quite right and so I'm thinking of just making my own, but that will be a who different post. Hopefully soon, because I'm feeling a little lost without one!

Hope you are all having a much less discombobulated (but fun!) start to the new year.