January 6, 2011

Rockin and Rollin

The slippers are BACK (well, mine) After a few hours of work with the needle felter thing my slippers are back in action, and, actually more comfortable since the bottoms are three times thicker. Nice and squishy and warm! And we need warm since it's been chilly here. Poor Californian Grandma and Texan Mother in law, both visiting during the coldest part of the year here.
Having been without the slippers for a few days while they were being repaired makes me feel doubly bad about Will's slippers. Especially since I took apart the ones he had to put together the ones I made, so now he has none. I feel like I better get knitting to make up for it.

But back to the felting, I'm sure I could look this us somewhere but I prefer to ponder and throw this out into the ether. It's very cool, and a little stress releasing, to punch the needles through the felt and come out with nice, thick material. But who figured that one out? What crazy Northern European (because it would have had to be someone cold, and around sheep, so I'm going to guess Scotland, or Ireland? Just a guess though) figured out that you could stick a barbed needle through layers of wool and get nice thick felt? And where did they get barbed needles from (a plant maybe, if so, nasty plant) I'm just saying, it's pretty crazy when you think about it. But thank goodness they did because I don't think I could have face knitting another round of endless knitting of the giant boots.