September 9, 2011

snippets from the week

This morning on the way to school, I noticed that the ginkgo trees that line our street are all fringed with yellow edges. Fall.
Most of this week was centered on getting ready for school to start (and not start) as in "can I go to school today?" or "Is it the first day of school yet?" And now, two days in, it's become routine. "That's what we always do on school days mom!" Like walking on the wall.
Or making a quick detour through the pocket garden across from the cathedral.
Briton, this morning, requested that we buy him some black pants "Because some days I like to wear all black." How did he become a New Yorker so quickly?
Have you heard of guerrilla knitting? I keep seeing it but I didn't really realize what it was until yesterday. I might have to try some :) This one was mostly knit from plastic bags.

Speaking of projects, fall ones are underway around here. Yay! Bring on the pumpkins!
The cool thing about New York is that some days you walk out of your door and its raining, some days you walk out and it's sunny and beautiful, and some days you walk out and there are fifty bag pipers standing in your street.
And what can you do but stop and watch?