September 26, 2011


Sometimes the coolest thing about living in New York is just happening upon things. A Shanghai Jazz Concert in Bryant Park, a new art exhibit in the Cathedral, a festival in Little Italy. Now that our days are filled up with early school mornings, and busy learning days, it's easy to get lulled into routine and forget to find these kind of things, or at least to get out and let them find you. Having my parents here meant being tourists again, and it's fun to be tourists.
Little Italy seems to be kind of crazy most of the time but this weekend was insane, in a good way (unless your child refuses to hold your hand, and then it could be a little tense!) Food and carnival rides and food and midway games and, oh, food. Lots and lots of food.
We had a marathon day on Saturday. Taking in the 9/11 Memorial, Governor's Island for it's last weekend of the summer, a quick ride over and back to Staten Island, Battery Park, a peek into the financial district, Chinatown, Soho and ending up in Little Italy where Evelyn fell asleep in my arms which gave us no choice but to sit down at a restaurant and eat pizza and cannoli. Rough, I know. Of course she did pee in my lap while she was sleeping, so it wasn't all fun and games. But then again, it's probably not the worst thing to end up on my jeans wandering the streets of New York.
Today one of my oldest, dearest and bestest friends comes for a visit so we get to have a few more days of touring the city (high on the list this time are Breakfast at Tiffany's and the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. So you know it's going to be a silly fun week (but we'll still squeeze in school, of course. Maybe we can squeeze in some math while we are deciding if we want the Salty Pimp ice cream or the Bea Arthur cone, or maybe the Gobbler ice cream sunday)

So here's to being a tourist for a little while. And adventures. And the Salty Pimp.