September 2, 2011

snippets from the week

After last weekend's excitement, the rest of the week has seemed a little dull in comparison. Although driving to Brooklyn in our rental car at the beginning of rush hour was a little hair raising, come to think of it.
But totally worth it. How else are you going to stock up on Trader Joe's canned goods (too heavy to carry home in bulk) pop into IKEA for some new water glasses now that you have broken almost every one in the house and pass right under Freedom Tower?
We also passed this sign. It's from the same storage company that had this ad and as it turns out, that's their thing, these kind of ads. I've decided to try to hunt them all down this fall. I'd particularly like to find the one that says "Love means never having to say 'I'm sorry my kickball trophy fell on the baby again'" I need a picture of that. For posterity.
Speaking of signs, I actually saw this last week taped to a telephone pole near our apartment but I forgot to post it. I love it. I wish I could meet the person that hung it because you just know they have to be awesome.
Before we left for Vermont, Briton asked us each to pick out an animal we would like to see while we were there. Evelyn said a snake, Will wanted to see a beaver, Briton choose a bear and I picked a moose. I'm the only one who go my wish (thank goodness!)
This was the view behind our Motor Lodge. Not what you'd expect. I wanted to go have a wander but, you know, there was the whole hurricane/flooding thing going on, so I'll have to wait until next time.
Burlington has a downtown pedestrian mall very similar to the one in Charlottesville. I think Will said they were actually designed by the same person, and I believe it, they look almost identical. Close enough that the kids were confused a bit about where we were.
The Magic Basement strikes again. Well, technically it was the magic pile in front of our building. But it had just been hauled up from the basement, so it counts. We have the same chair in black but with the swirly base at Will's desk and it's very comfortable. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it, at the moment it's my new bedside table, but I couldn't pass it up. I also scored a thick white shelf that I'm currently using as a backdrop for some craft photos for a job, but eventually I think it will become the much needed, behind the couch shelf to help hide the mass of boxes we have stuffed back there and give us a place to put drinks when we are lounging.
Sweater done! I had to wait to finish it while Briton wasn't here so that it would in some way be a surprise. I didn't quite master the art of elegantly grafting the underarm stitches, but it will do. Now my problem is that I want to give it to him NOW! Except then I'd have to knit something else for him for Christmas and I've got too many other projects waiting for me to do that. Must. Resist.

Happy weekend everyone!