September 30, 2011

snippets from the week

Some weeks I just don't take many photos, and then there are weeks like this. Weeks of adventure. When I can't quite believe that I get to live in New York, that I get to do history with my son at Ellis Island, see the fog roll in on Freedom Tower and play on the Big Piano at FAO Schwartz with the girl who was brave enough to take trampoline with me in college (true story - and best class ever by the way).

On our honeymoon, Will and I walked right under the Twin Towers. He remembers it, I don't.I remember the parks and the old churches and the Broadway signs. Which is probably not a big surprise. But just over a year later, they were gone. And now there is this. This time I'm sure I'll remember.
We squeezed in one last weekend at Governor's Island before it closed for the year. I'm not sure we'll still be here by the time it opens again early next summer, so just in case we rented one of the crazy bikes. Because who doesn't want to rid a bicycle built for six?
We went looking for Eloise again. We didn't find her but we did find a place in the basement of the Plaza where you can have pink ice cream sandwiches with your tea and where there is a big playroom (and store) that is all pink and all Eloise.
Big Piano, Central Park Carousel and Magnolia Bakery, all in one after school trip. Kid (ok, and grownup) heaven.
Couldn't resist checking this off the bucket list.
Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.
The Salty Pimp was totally worth three trains each way at the end of a long day.
So. Freaking. Good.

Ellis and Liberty. In the rain. (Which is ok, because we are all Ducks) Perfect.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. We get two more precious days with Auntie Kim and we are planning on enjoying every minute