September 7, 2011


Tomorrow, everything will be different.

Tomorrow Evie will be the one who heads off to school, while Briton stays home with me, making play dough and baking cookies. Ok, we probably wont be making that much play dough in fourth grade, but you get the picture.

The uniforms are made, pressed, and hanging in my closet. I still have another dress and another skirt to make, but these will get us through for the time being. I'm also still knitting a little vest for chilly mornings which should be done in a day or two. School supplies are bought and packed up and after a little snafu with LL Bean which resulted in a lost order and a subsequent backorder, a replacement backpack (with a ladybug on it!) has been chosen and is now hanging on a hook in the hall. Last night Evie told me she couldn't stop rolling around at bedtime because she "can't wait for school!" Which is, of course, exactly how I want her to be. But secretly, I'm a little sad. For five years she has been my go to girl, staying home and hangin with mama while big brother is off at school learning. And tomorrow, it will be Evelyn who walks out and heads to school.

On the flipside, tomorrow, Briton will not be heading off to school. Tomorrow, homeschooling begins.

I'm not quite sure I'm ready on that front.

I mean. I'm technically ready, I suppose. I have a fairly specific game plan for the week and a general plan for the next few months. But I still feel wholly unprepared. Will will go off to class, Evie will go off to kindergarten, and there Briton and I will be, trying to decide how to fill up our day.

Looking at it from this end, the before it even begins end, I'm excited and a little bit terrified. I want this year with him but I'm also worried, just a bit, that it will fail miserably. It could go either way, I suppose.

Here goes...