September 16, 2011

snippets from the week

The fall weather hit last night. Boom. Just like that. On Wednesday we were sweating it up with 85 degrees and the kind of humidity that makes it feel more like 95 and by Thursday evening it was 56 degrees and dropping. Ummm, lovely.
This means that, as of today, we have jumped from lightweight t-shirt and skirt to tights and sweaters. Except that sweater vest right there? The one I whipped through so that she would have it when it got cold? Not really warm enough already. We need sleeves. Sigh.
Remember in Friends when Monica and Rachel could look out their window to the apartment across the way and watch Naked Guy? We do not have Naked Guy living across from us (which is good, since we have children and all) Instead we have an assisted living facility which means that our neighbors are exceptionally quiet. As in we never see or hear them at all. Except for this week when they had a very loud party in the courtyard featuring a guy who sounded nothing like Buddy Holly singing Buddy Holly. There was even some dancing. Sort of. Dancing while sitting down kind of dancing. But good for them.
I'm testing the whole overdying thing for my sweater on the leftover yarn. So far I've managed to only lightly stain my tub green.
I fall in love with this place more and more with each passing sign, I mean week.
On Monday, as previously mentioned, Briton and I went way the heck over to the other side of Brooklyn to the Harbor Defense Museum to look at really big cannon and cannon balls with a bunch of other nine year old boys. But the view walking from the train to the museum was worth the trip. (ah the things I do for my children)
Will happened upon a 1920's subway car that pulled into the station where he was waiting this week. He didn't ride it (nutball!) because it wasn't going where he was going (again, nutball! I would have ridden at least one stop! Right?)

Have a good weekend all, we have our first Soccer in Central Park experience tomorrow (and I have yet to go find a size four ball, shin guards and turf shoes. You know what? Kids, they are expensive to keep!