February 9, 2012


The winter yuck has been making its merry way through our house this week. It started with Evie getting a dramatic fever (that girl never ever has a slight fever, it's 104 or bust) and then made it's way to Briton and now has taken me down. Such fun. The good news is it's not rush to the doctor type of sick, it's just feeling lousy, falling asleep while you are supervising homework kind of sick. Poorly seems to describe it perfectly.
The hardest part of being sick in numbers (aside from hating to see my babies feeling bad, of course) is that I have a hard time keeping track of who had what dose of medicine when. This particular flu has brought the kind of fevers that are hard to keep down, necessitating the old alternating Advil and Tylenol trick. I usually scrawl things down on a piece of paper that inevitably gets lost and then I panic and wait a few extra hours before giving them their next dose just in case. So I kind of wanted to kick myself when I thought of this idea, it seems so obvious. Why haven't I been doing this for years? Dry erase marker on the medicine cabinet mirror! I've been writing down the who, the what, the how much and the when each time I get medicine out of the cupboard, which was particularly handy yesterday when my own brain went all fuzzy with fever and I had to add myself to the list.

Now, off to make some tea and snooze on the couch. All this typing is wearing me out.