February 29, 2012

diy longing

I've come down with a serious case of the DIYs. The home improvement DIYs. I want to paint and refinish floors and knock down walls.

I blame it on Pinterest. And the fact that it's been almost one year since that little letter from Columbia arrived in our mailbox and rerouted our lives away from fix up the 1950's Cape and surrounding yard and towards apartment dwelling. I've even gone back to my habit of sitting in a room staring at it, trying to figure out what I should do to totally change it. I almost tried to convince Will that we should, for our final three (three!) months, rig up a murphy bed for ourselves in the kids room, build a half wall out of bookshelves in our room t0 give the kids two separate "rooms". All it would take is six giant bookshelves, two non bunk bed twin beds and a Murphy bed kit. No problem. Ok, maybe not worth it for three months (three months! Ack!)

So instead of painting walls that will have to be repainted back or, you know, taking a sledge hammer to a wall in a building that I do not own, I troll pinterest, and gaze longingly at real estate listings for crumbling old farmhouses and bungalows. Since we still don't know where we will live, and won't know for a while yet, I just pick random places that I think I'd like to live and see what's for sale. I keep finding myself rejecting houses because they are already done.

"Oh no, that kitchen is too new, I need something falling apart so that I can do it ALL OVER AGAIN!" (This is accompanied by a maniacal little laugh, the haha I'm insane kind of laugh)

"Oh look! Those floors need to be totally refinished! It's perfect!"

"Will! This one has a condemned barn in the back yard. Think of all the things we could do with a condemned barn! Or even just barn doors!"

It's a problem.

Will is still recovering from the last push of home renovation before the house sold, but I've got post-labor amnesia. I can't remember what it was like to spend all my free time hammering and replacing sinks and standing on a ladder painting yet another coat of trim. Ok, I remember it, but I can't remember not loving it.

I need a house so I can do this

And also this

And I want a kitchen like this one

or maybe this one.

Or maybe like none of them, maybe something else entirely.


I need to go....make something.