February 2, 2012

project bio-sphere

Thursdays are usually field trip days. By Thursday we've had enough time to get most of the academic things out of the way, we've had soccer and some socialization time and are generally getting a little antsy to go out and DO and so we do. We go.
This week I had plans to take Briton to the Abigail Adams house but when I mentioned my idea of building a closed eco-system to him last week he asked (begged) that we get on it. Like right now mom. Or at least on Thursday. I mean, Abigail Adams or Bio-sphere? Easy question.

Right, I mean, he is nine.

The basic instructions for this come from this blog, which I found on Pinterest, but we switched out seeds for already sprouting catnip so that we could get everything we needed at Petco (we had the bottles and tape). It was a good afternoon project, lots of discussions about what might happen (could the guppies have babies? What if they run out of room? Ahhhh - the circle of life, I see) and only one foul up when I realized that the bottles I got (water bottles, since buying three bottles of any soda would just lead me down the I love Coke train which I've worked hard to get off of) had longer necks than bodies and so we had to dissect a fourth bottle to make the spacer higher, but in the end, it worked. Might not be pretty, but oh well.
Briton is lobbying hard for the guppies to be in the ecosystem only temporarily and then moved to a tank in his room. Where in his room I don't know, but he has plans. They are very pretty little fish. The orange one is hyperactive I think, he whizzes around the bottle at top speed while the yellow one and the snail hang back and watch.

And so will we. Sit back and watch. And see what happens (I hope they live!)