February 3, 2012

snippits of the week

Evelyn came home from school a few days ago vibrating with excitement. "At school, there's this day mom, and you make a card for EVERYBODY to tell them you love them and I need to start RIGHT NOW!" And just like that she started working on her Valentine's Day cards on her own. Stickers, markers, paper, done.

So different from Briton who needs some sort of unusual and mom designed "project" that he will help with to get into the idea of Valentine's Day. I'm debating over introducing her to glitter. I mean, on the one hand I can already here the squees of excitement, glitter is pretty fun after all. I can also see the glitter explosions in head. Glitter dog, glitter bed, glitter food. I think my vacuum can handle it though.
This morning I checked the eco-system/bio-bottle and discovered one of the fish doing the death sideways swim. Not good. No one else has noticed yet. Circle of life, right?

I forgot to mention this before, but when we were down in Chinatown we got thrown out of a grocery store. I was taking photos at the $1.25 food stand when Evelyn spotted a seafood store and wanted to go look at all the different fish, which was all fine and dandy until I took a picture and was immediately chased out of the store. Will's guess was that they were selling something illegal, which is probably right, at the time though I just thought they were a little crazy and hustled Evie up the block, just in case the little crazy turned to big crazy. (City Rule Number 2 being put into use right there)
Speaking of food. Shallot, rosemary, new potatoe and feta pizza. Yummy. Really, really yummy.
Nigella has been taking lazy to the next level these days. There is a lot of napping going on with this dog, which is good because the dog above us barks All. Day. Long. so I'm glad mine is content to be a side table most of the time.
Have a wonderful weekend all!