February 24, 2012

snippits of the week

What a week we have had. After too many days of colds and flu and too much homework and daddy being gone, it was time for some fun.
On Monday we went way (way, way, way) out into Queens to the New York Hall of Science. Every time I go to Queens I have transit problems. This goes back to before we moved here, back to the last day of our honeymoon when the bus we were taking out to our hotel by the airport had a route change and dropped us off in the middle of nowhere Queens to fend for ourselves. I'm not even sure how we made it to our plane on time. This trip wasn't much different, with another route change, a train that just wasn't running and a loooooong trip both ways.
But once we got there we had a blast building molecules, messing with a stem vortex, shadow dancing and then, eventually, making our way out into the park to see the giant globe and taking the (obligatory) I'm holding the world in my hands photo.
We played with friends and made an army of peg people and Briton and Evie spent many MANY hours playing Harry Potter. Hogwarts fever has officially hit both of my kids and most of our days have been filled with "Expecto Patronum!" and "Stupify" coming loudly from their room.
Today is, I think, the only day where we have no where to go, or no plans to go anywhere at least. On top of the art museum, we also had a park play date and a marketing panel that Briton took part in at Nickelodeon which was, well, an interesting experience, and the library and another park and the Lego Store and whew, it's good to have a quiet day I think.
Monday will see us back to the school grind and I expect it will be a little bit of a rough start after a week full of silly fun. But it was worth it.
Now, I'm going to go curl up on the couch and read my new book to the dulcet tones of my children casting spells and building a mammoth Lego Harry Potter land.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.