March 6, 2013

birch leaves

As much as I love to knit (and knit, and knit) I've never been much of a scarf knitter, which is odd because I am a dedicated scarf wearer. Picking out a scarf for the day goes right along with picking out a shirt or pants. The thing with scarves is that they take soooooo loooooonnnnggg. And they tend to be boring. Back and forth, back and forth. The last time I knit a scarf was back in college when I taught myself to knit and I've been avoiding them ever since, sticking with cowls when I want something scarf-like.

And then I was at our local yarn shop last week and came across a lone ball of fluffy gold bulky yarn that I couldn't resist. After months of winter white, I must be starting to crave color. It reminded me of the birch leaves this fall that covered the trail down to the cabin. I know it's supposed to be the maple trees that everyone loves in the fall, but the yellow birch leaves were, I think, even prettier.

I'm on a little bit of a cable kick lately. I'd forgotten how much I love cables, they add a little excitement to otherwise mindless knitting. So I've been playing (and ordering more of the yarn) with  cables and swirls and big bulky yarn to come up with a scarf that reminds me as much of the shape those leaves as the color of them. It's working up quickly - the yarn is so nice and thick that it would be hard for it not to, I suppose - it may just have changed my mind about knitting scarves. Finn likes it too, she trails me when I'm working on it and rolls up in the finished end of it. I don't really blame her, I kind of want to curl up in it's smooshiness too.

What about you, what are you working on?