March 1, 2013


Sometimes I feel like the little girl in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Or maybe it's the mouse I feel like, really. You know those days where one project leads to another to another and to yet another? Yes, those days. Those days can be good. At the end (if you managed to finish all those projects) you feel like you've accomplished a lot. But they are also tiring. Today I feel like I'm recovering from one of those days. Not that today isn't less busy, but not quite the same kind of busy. Not the If you buy some oranges and lemons kind of busy. Because...

If you have to drop your daughters friend off at the grocery store after a playdate, you might remember that you are low on dog food, so you go in to buy some.

On the way to the dog food aisle, you notice that the oranges are looking particularly orangy today, which makes you remember that you haven't made marmalade yet this year. So you buy the oranges, lemons and grapefruit for your favorite three fruit marmalade.

Once you've chopped and juiced all the fruit you need for the recipe, you realize you have way too many lemons. You are swimming in lemons. And you're also swimming in butter and eggs and sugar, which reminds you that you also haven't made lemon curd yet this winter. So while the peels are soaking in the juice overnight, you make lemon curd.

While the lemon curd is processing in the big pot on your stove, you decide you can't possibly throw away all those lemon rinds. You have to DO something with them. What can you do.....what can you do.....make lemon marmalade? nah. Oh! Oh! You've always wanted to make limoncello!

So you go to the store to buy vodka to make limoncello, and while you are there you notice that the bar laundry soap you like for your homemade laundry detergent is on sale. And you really are running low on your homemade laundry soap. So you buy some and....

On it goes

Ahh, I'm ready for the weekend.