March 11, 2013


Spring is relative, as Will pointed out this morning when we spotted kids being dropped at school with bare legs instead of snowsuits (ours still had snow pants and jackets, for the record). When it's 40 degrees first thing in the morning, that's a good 60 degrees warmer than it was a mere four weeks ago. So, yes, springish. Although I'm not ready to shed my boots and tights yet.

We tromped through the woods this weekend and the signs of spring are out there. Green moss, hints of animals emerging from hibernation or trips to the warmer south. Our buckets are 1/4 full and we'll be boiling sap later this week if all goes well. I've been spending my evenings deciding things like which chicken breeds we want and debating the merits of one size beehive over another and making lists of seed that need starting asap. There's no doubt about it. It's coming.