March 7, 2013

her dress

It took us one extra day of sewing to get it done, not because it was hard or she wasn't interested, but because break was too full of play dates and (almost) sleepovers and snowball fights to spent too much time sewing. But now it is done, and Eliza's is too. And oh my goodness is she proud of herself (but probably not as proud as I am).

She is remarkably patient and careful for a six year old. My machine (oh how I love my sewing machine) can be downshifted to force it to run very slowly which is so much easier for little fingers and feet that are still learning to control the foot press and steer the sewing at the same time. There were a few things that were a bit beyond her, although more on Eliza's dress than her own. I didn't really expect her to be able to set in sleeves on a wee little dress on her first try, although try she did.

She loves it. And so do I. We have carefully packed away the pattern so another can be made in the summer with something lighter. Although now she has her sights set on the flower girl dress pattern that arrived from her much loved, and soon to be married, Auntie Kim last week. And just one version of the dress isn't enough. It's got ruffles and flounces and she needs A LOT of them. And also her own sewing machine for her birthday, please please please mom! She's caught the sewing bug for sure.