March 25, 2013


For the past few weeks, Will and I have been working away on a little project together. Admittedly, Will and I are pretty much ALWAYS working on some kind of project or another. But this time it has nothing to do with renovating or gardening or chicken coop building other than the fact that it's sucked up most of the time we would have been working on those things. This time, it's a knitting project.

No, I haven't convinced my husband to come over to the yarn-side. I've enlisted his help in producing some knitting patterns that are, I hope, a little more than just your ordinary pattern. I've put patterns out in the world before, the Eliza kerfuffle being the most obvious. But I've been thinking for a while about putting knitting patterns out in a more regular, and more professional way, pushed along a lot by the requests I still get for Eliza, which I've been unable to give (but give me a week and that will change) So we've been working on the first, and a few more that are alllllmost done, and a website as well that is also almost (but not quite) done to try and turn that idea into something real. Part imagination, and part based on our little corner of Vermont, we've come up with a virtual cottage in the woods where all that knitting and some of Will's amazing talents as an artist, can come together. Birch Hollow Cottage (It makes me want to plant more birches every time I say it, because, you know, we don't have enough trees around here).

So I've been busy knitting and ripping out and re-knitting and taking copious notes and Will has been photographing and illustrating and website building. Yesterday the first pattern, Beech Leaves on the Trail, went live on Ravelry for Birch Hollow Cottage which, with a little luck and some knitting love from the Ravelers, will be a proper little knitting design company before long with all those patterns floating around in this head of mine. Including the new Eliza (who is named Eleanor, by the way) Coming soon (really really soon!)