February 28, 2013

good morning from narnia

I'm sure C.S. Lewis wasn't thinking of the Vermont woods after a snowstorm when he described the winter forest in Narnia, but really, it's a perfect fit. All day yesterday we had heavy, wet snow falling and this morning we woke up to an even whiter world than usual. It's breathtaking, truly. My photographs don't do it justice.

While Briton played with a friend yesterday, Evie and I had a sewing lesson. Her first using a pattern and the machine. She picked out (bright, but oh so Evie) fabric at the store the other day and a pattern and asked me to get enough extra so that we could make Eliza a dress to match (naturally). So with the boys banging around upstairs we ironed and cut out the pattern and the fabric and read through the directions. She doesn't love the ironing part. I got a sign that read "Why do I have to?" when I told her we couldn't start sewing until everything was pressed. Not surprising. I hated having to wait while my fabric got washed and then ironed before I could start too. Actually, I still hate that part, I just do it because I know I should.

Today (at last!) we start the sewing. Her goal is to have it done in time to wear it on the first day back, which I think is attainable.  It's a pretty easy pattern other than the zipper. But it is our first try. So we'll see.

We are trying to grow an avocado plant. I don't know why but I never have good luck with that. This time, however, something is definitely pushing up through the top of the seed. Fingers crossed it will work this time. I'm also on the hunt for a really good, soft, honey wheat bread recipe. Something like the one they make at Great Harvest. Yesterday I made a pretty good one with this recipe, but the top didn't rise very well. Maybe I need a different shaped pan. Anyone have good tips on making wheat bread that white bread lovers will like? Or a recipe they love? I'm sick of white bread. Plus I'm going through a bread making phase. It's nice to see it rising away next to the woodstove.

I can't quite believe the week is almost over. Where did it go? We still have two more days off next week, although one of them will be taken up mostly with the town meeting. I must admit that I'm kinda excited to attend my first town meeting. So very Gilmore Girlsy! I didn't think that actually happened, but it seems that it really does.