February 27, 2013

a little sweater

A wee little sweater, knit up over the course of two evenings for Miss Eliza with the pink hair. Or more precisely, one sweater knit up one evening that was too long, too big and too boringly dark green and another knit up the next night with nice smooshy yarn and a better sense of proportions. I've got all sorts of knitting patterns floating around in my head these days. Some afternoon I'll sit down and write my notes up into something legible instead of just strange markings on graph paper written this way and that depending on where I was sitting when I needed to note something down.

This morning I got up before everyone else. I wish I could convince myself to do that more often. It's hard to climb out of a warm bed and come down to a cold living room when you don't really have to, but I'm always happy when I do. A chance to sit in the quiet with a cup of tea some yummy infused honey and some yellowy-yellow yarn. It reminds me of Harvest Gold 1970's living rooms.That particular yarn has been ripped out too many times to count, but I think I've figured it out at last. A scarf! Which I never knit because they get boring. Except I think this one will keep me interested. At least I hope so.

Today my girl and I are starting a new project together, we're both pretty excited. So I better get off and get started with it. Because someone is looking at me with an impatient little grin.