February 8, 2013

snow day

I wasn't sure they actually existed here in snow country. But apparently there is a point at which lot of snow becomes too much snow and school gets canceled. The only bummer of it being that today was a ski day (ironic, since I'm guessing most of the kids are up at the mountain skiing because it was too snowy for them to go to the school so they could go to the mountain to ski).

We have been having a grand old time, sleeping in and eat muffins and playing games and hammering out a new knitting pattern that's been living in my head for a few weeks (cable charts! Oh my!). There was a dragon battle earlier and the ninjas had a snow race (as ninjas do). We've been Dracula and Harry Potter and a firefly and I *think* a glowworm.  And now Briton is off with a friends and Evie and are going to have some very special snuggle on the couch time to watch Sleeping Beauty. I can not believe she's been in this world six and a half years and she has never seen my favorite Disney movie. Time to remedy that. Because, hey, it's Friday. And it's a snow day. What could be nicer?

Hoping you have a lovely, snowy, safe weekend.