February 15, 2013

my sweet valentine(s)

What's the saying about best laid plans? That they are knocked out of the park by the need to roll and tie 60 Madlibs into tight tubes in time for a Valentines Day? Something like that. My envisioned afternoon of a little weaving, a little baking and a little valentines making turned into an assembly line of Valentine rolling, tying and tagging that sucked up the entire afternoon and most of the evening. Because finding a Valentine that is 10-year-old boy approved (not mushy and it has to be cool, and funny, and let's not forget cool) is not easy, but once we hit on it we had to make them for the WHOLE fifth and sixth grade PLUS an additional valentine for just his class (it was supposed to be an either or, but who am I to squash crafty enthusiasm?) Plus her valentines, which involved making heart shaped crayons (since when were crayon wrappers hard to get off?). Well....bang went the afternoon. Not that I'm complaining. Because making valentines is pretty fun. Especially with these two.

Last night, however, it was nice to have nothing to do except dress up in frilly clothes and play UNO and work on left over Madlibs and weave on a new potholder loom with all those loops (thanks MaGran!) I even wove a whole inch on the big loom (not sure if I like it as much as spinning, but I do like it). Thank goodness for lazy winter evenings.

Tonight there is a dance. Now that we have one under our belt there is much less nervousness attached to it, plus he is "on the dance committee" so he's sort of in charge (I fear for whoever really is in charge) He told me on the way to school that he'll probably dance with more than one girl this time around, keeping his options open. Oh dear. Where has my little boy gone to?