February 21, 2013

spring leaves

This morning we are off, bright and very very early (before it's bright, actually) to Burlington for a series of doctors appointments for Evie. It's nothing serious but will not be terribly fun for my sweet girl.

Instead of dwelling on it too much (as moms tend to do) I'll try to focus on waking up yesterday to this out our window. A world of snow frosted trees. And this, my newly finished oak leaf cowl. It turned out a bit big and I'm not sure if I love that or hate it. I must love it because I wear it all the time. But I'm planning to rework the pattern and try again in fall colors, so I have spring and fall oak leaves. And maybe dark brown too for winter. It'll be a set! When I've got the kinks worked out I'll put it on Ravelry I think, if I can decipher my chart, that is. It got a little messy toward the end.

Time to hit the road and leave the woods for the city.