February 13, 2013

new toys

Two new toys arrived yesterday. Only borrowed for the moment, but still exciting. The rigid heddle will take a little time to figure out but the lap loom went into immediate project mode. She's making a rug for her dollhouse. Or maybe a scarf (though I don't think it's really long enough to be a scarf for anyone, even Eliza). We've also rescued a pair of tights from the too-holey-to-wear pile to cut up for more pot holders. Weaving, weaving everywhere in this house. Except for Will, who is intrigued, but is busy with chicken coop designs (and I'm not going to interrupt that! Woop! Chickens! I miss having chickens!)

The snow is falling outside and today is a half day at school, so I imagine we'll have a nice long afternoon of weaving and valentine making and maybe some cookie baking. Because it's that kind of day. What are you up to on this cold February Wednesday?