October 9, 2010

Boots and Saddles

"Boots and saddles kids" was a line we often heard growing up. Any time we went anywhere. I didn't realize it's origin till I was in college. At the time I just thought it was a my dad kind of thing.

I find myself saying it these days. Including today. The tour is started. The car is back, packed and hitched up with the trailer and we're heading out.

We'd hoped to get of earlier but after the stomach big took me out for the day yesterday and between last minute to-dos (oh yeah. We need porch lamps to cover the wire hanging out of the side
Of the house, and business cards, and flowers,and,and,and...) and just plain Saturday lethargy we're only heading out mid day. Still cards and games
And good food and great friends and mountain air await. Ahhh. Cant wait. See you Monday friends. Have a great one!