Monday, October 18, 2010

One Thing

This weekend we did something that we haven't done in ages. We didn't work on the house. NOT ONE BIT. I honestly can't remember the last time we were here for the weekend and didn't do a single bit of painting, scraping, nailing, sanding, something. And it was kind of lovely. Not that I could go too many weekends without it. I think renovation is my vice. But it was nice to have a break.
While we didn't work on things renovationy, I did keep busy switching out everyone's summer and winter wardrobes. I get a weird sort of satisfaction from this. I love rediscovering clothes I'd forgotten about. Scarves and hats and furry boots and corduroy shirts that have been packed up under our bed all summer long. I pulled out all of Evie's tights and little wool skirts and Briton's down vests and sweaters (I didn't do Will's closet, he's in charge of that one) and took a huge amount of stuff to Goodwill, plus packed up a bag of clothes to give to Briton's school and a bag of clothes to pass on to a friends daughter who is a little smaller than Evie. It felt good. The closets and drawers are clean and close easily and we're a little more prepared for these cold mornings.

But, during our crazy weeks of renovation and cleaning up and painting and all the things that we've been trying to get to this fall, I kept thinking "what I really want to do is spend a whole Saturday doing nothing." And by nothing I mean nothing but cozy, relaxing things. When the weather gets cool I have the strongest urge to curl up on the couch and read and knit and watch movies and not leave the house except for a nice long walk up in the hills. It's a hard thing for me to do, much as I'd love to. I think I have duel personalities sometimes, or maybe dueling personalities. I love to just be lazy, except I love to be super busy. I need to be both at different times, but the lazy is definitely the harder of the two for me. So this week that's what I want to do. Be lazy. Have a lazy Saturday. Or Sunday. I'm not picky. I'd take both but I've just been informed that we need to clean out and reattach our gutters this weekend so somehow I think that's a bit too much to expect. That's OK, one will do. (Half a day would do but I'm not going to advertise that!)

What about you? What One Thing do you want to do (or not do as the case may be) this week?

One Thing
A new Monday habit. Share the one thing that you want to do this week, just for you. Click to enter below and link back to your blog so we can see all the fun things you do!
So, what will you be up to this week?


  1. The one thing that I'd like to do this week is to read a book that my Mum gave me last Christmas. It's called "Her fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger. I started it in Februaury and then lost it (on the giant bed). Have just unearthed it in a pile beside the bed.

    If it rains I'll be wrapped around this. If it's dry I'll be out planting tulip bulbs...

  2. I am wanting to finish putting a Halloween costume together for Lindsay. Yes, 14-year-old girls still want their moms to make their costume, and aren't necessarily into what you'd expect...she wants to be a doorknob. Yes. A doorknob.
    I have the part that goes over her head. A cylinder, covered with shimmery gold fabric. That will be topped with something large and round that looks like the knob on the doorknob. I haven't quite figured out what to use for that...probably end up with a pillow of some sort, but that might be a tad heavy...oh well, she'll have to learn to live with her choices, right?
    To be sure nobody mistakes that she is indeed a doorknob, she wants a key plate on her chest. I have made that, and will attach it somehow to a black shirt (I never attach things permanently to shirts, as it's a waste of a good, wearable shirt! (Well,except for the Supergirl sweatshirt I made one Halloween, with the logo she designed...she didn't know about the "other" Supergirl, she thought she'd invented it and I didn't disabuse her of that notion...She wore the sweatshirt for a couple of years...)
    Sooo...Grandma is coming on Friday, and I'd much rather spend my time with her than making a Halloween costume, so my goal is to make a doorknob costume.

  3. i've been meaning to put a bunch of old family photos in frames for the last few months. and now that my in-laws are coming next week i WILL get it done this week. love your blog and your house looks awesome!

    jennifer (louie & sam's mom)

  4. Oh Amy! Can't wait to see how that turns out! It's so funny what kids pick!

    Fiona, I love finding books I've forgotten or lost. I actually have most of our books out on the shelves but I still look up and think "huh! I forgot to finish that! Awesome!" I hope you get it finished, although tulip planting is a great second!

    Jennifer - thanks! It's so nice to have the painting done (well done-ish) I just did that (framing pics I mean :)) this week with some photos of the kids. It always takes me forever but then I love it once it's done! I never seem to have enough frames... time for an IKEA trip I guess!

  5. I'm with Amy ... finish the costumes by Sunday for the big parade. One hippy style hobo, one Ewok (still in Star Wars fascination). Taking an old toddler bear and elongating it for an 8 yr old. Door knob, very inventive. We've had fish, a 2 part ice cream cone (cone and ice cream...twins), home made R2D2, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and a Smart Car over the years. I long for the days of fireman rain coats! Or when we lived down by the Woolen Mill and watched the trains and they wore the Oshkoshes and a kerchief.


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