October 6, 2010

Care Package Love

When I was, oh, I don't know, maybe eight or nine, I was at my grandmother's house in California and someone in our family returned from somewhere back east (or maybe Canada come to think of it, I'm obviously very clear on the details) and with them came a box of maple sugar candies. Honey colored and shimmery and shaped like a maple leaf, they mezmorized me. I couldn't wait to try one, to bite into the sweet and crunchy and wonderful thing that sat on the napkin next to my plate. But being a firm believer in saving the best for last, I resisted. It was hard, but I did it. And after finishing up my inevitably healthy (but delicious I'm sure, my grandmother was an excellent cook) meal, I was ready to dig into my dessert.

Which is when my usually quiet and reserved grandfather pointed out the window and said "look at that!" I turned to look, he ate my maple sugar leaf. I. was. pissed.

But I learned two valuable lessons that day.

First - never EVER leave your dessert unguarded when grandpa is around. I literally put my hand over my dessert whenever he came near me after that day.

Second - sometimes, it's ok to eat dessert first. In fact, sometimes it tastes better when it comes first.

So yesterday when I pulled a small box out of the mail box containing a little care package from my mom and found, amongst the unpainted stacking doll (I'll show you that project when I decided what I'm doing with it) some wooden doll parts and some maple lollipops from their recent trip to Vermont, two little boxes of maple sugar candies, I unwrapped them and ate one on the spot.

Umm, delicious.

Then I hid them from my children. They wouldn't really appreciate them anyway.

Evil mommy.

I'll probably give in and share. But not until I've had at least one more all to myself. Or maybe not.

Do you have treats you don't like to share?