October 1, 2010

Three Phrases You Don't Want To Hear in a Week

I have to say, we've had a rocky few weeks here. Let's set aside the horribleness and sadness of last week which, in and of itself is going to take a long time to recover from.

But on top of all of that, over the past three days I've gotten three phone calls delivering news that just shouldn't all fall in one week, let along the week after losing a beloved family member. I'm trying to keep a light heart about all of this, so I'll share them with you, just so you can marvel at the wackiness of the universe.

Phone call 1: "Your car has catastrophic transmission failure instead of just minor transmission failure after all. The whole thing needs to be rebuilt."

Phone call 2: "Your (four month old and took me forever to talk him into the concept that Macs were so much more reliable) Mac needs a new hard drive."

Phone call 3: (which, coupled with the fact that our only car has no transmission at the moment made things all the more dicey) "This is the school. Your son just threw up, can you come get him?"

Nice, eh?

Like I said though, I'm trying to not let my head explode over all of this. I keep telling myself "This too shall pass." And it will. The transmission is almost fixed, the computer has been sent back to Apple (for two weeks @&*#%#!!!) and Briton is snoozing on the couch and will feel better by tomorrow. But really, when things just keep coming at you, how do you get over that hump and shake the bad mojo off? Will says we need to air out the house (although maybe that's because all the rain over the past few days has left our basement a little damp) My inclination is to spend a few minutes laughing maniacally and then getting back to work because, you know, deadlines still have to be met.

I'm curious, what do you do when things just keep piling up like this?

*edited to add*

This addition may prove my insanity but... after my work was done and while Briton napped and Evie played, I got busy with some serious house cleaning. Floors have been swept, vacumed and mopped, trim and been scrubbed, medicine cab has been organized, windows washed, desk wiped down, kids drawers sorted and yes, even the silverware has been scrubbed down piece by piece. And wow do I feel better. Do I belong in the loony bin or what :)