November 3, 2010

Evie's Doll and Other Gifts....

The more I think about making this Christmas a homemade gift giving one, the more I like the idea. I really do enjoy making things for people that I hold dear, both friends and family. So I've decided to make this as homemade a holiday as I can. I'm not sure I could make it totally handmade, especially considering the K'nex set that has been hidden in a back closet for a certain engineerinly inclined 8 year old. But as much as I can, as much as time allows, I'm going to keep working toward that goal.
So to that end I've been plugging away at gifts. Briton's slippers are exactly halfway plus one tenth done (meaning I have one sock completed and the beginning of the next started :)) I've just about run out of yarn on Evie's sweater, oops, I guess I miscalculated yardage there, so I have to restock (fingers crossed the dye lot matches) before I get much further on that, but it's getting there. The first of a couple of pretty bags I'm making for friends and family is sitting on my shelf and Evie's doll is knitted, stuffed, felted and even has a few pieces of clothing. Will thinks she looks like a red headed version of one of the neighbor girls and I can sort of see it. I made the stuffing dense but still a little squishy which means that, even for me, she's fun to hold. I'm brainstorming foodie type gifts to make and give too. I loved the brittle idea and have lots of jam ready to go, with more marmalade to come when the citrus fruits start looking better. And if I can talk my dad into making fruitcakes with me over Thanksgiving, well, I then I'll be a happy girl.
As I've made my "to-make" lists, I've realized how much I dislike Christmas shopping, and how much I look forward to minimizing it as much as possible this year. Is that crazy? I know some people love that post Thanksgiving craziness but I just feel overwhelmed most of the time and end up shopping online, not very local of me, I know.
The next stage in the game is to get the kids working on gifts for people too. I'm sure they, or at least Briton, will be full of ideas (for example, making a detailed origami African savanna is high on his list at the moment. For whom, I'm not sure, but he is gung ho to make it. Or to choose paper and then ask his dad to fold the complicated ones for him) but I'm gathering some as well to add as suggestions. Have any you care to share? I'd love to hear!