November 8, 2010

One Thing

Well, I did not paint the bedroom. I wanted to, but the cold that will not go away coupled with lots of kid projects over the weekend meant that it wasn't in the cards. I did, however, rearrange things in there which made it a little better. Not peacock blue on the walls better (fun, right?) but better. I did, however, get myself started on another project to keep me busy until I can get to the paint. Or until I can convince Will of my color choice :).

Shortly after Evelyn was born, I drove across Portland, where we were living at the time, and out into the suburbs to buy a rocking chair that I'd found on Craigslist. Actually, I drove all the way out to this suburb and then all the way back to our house and then all the way back out again because in my new mommy fog I'd forgotten my wallet, checkbook and even my phone at home. But it was worth it, because the chair was just what I'd been looking for. In fact, it was just the chair I'd been looking for since before Briton was born.
Back then, before Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod were in every mall and catalouge basket, I fell in love with a rocking armchair at a relatives house and knew that it was just the thing to rock my soon to be born son in. Except we couldn't find one for love or money. Not that we had much money, but even if we had, a overstuffed rocker was nowhere to be found. So when, four years later, I found a petite (our house was very, very small, so it had to be too) armchair rocker for $20, I was sold, even taking into account the long drive, forgotten wallet, and the fact that one of the rockers fell off as we loaded it into the car.

The rocker sat in her room, much used for naptime and night time soothing, and then later it sat in our room as a place to pull on and off shoes, somewhat forgotten. Last winter we brought it down for an extra seat while my parents were visiting and I remembered how very much I loved sitting in a rocking chair. It probably goes back to when I was a baby. I've been told often that I loved to be rocked. And rocked. And rocked. So recently we ditched our loveseat to make some room in the living room and brought the rocker back down where it will get a little more love.

There is just one problem with my rocker. The fabric is ugly. UUUGGGLY. I made a brown cord slipcover for it a few years ago but our living room has been feeling a little dark to lately so the brown slipcover on the couch has been replaced with a white one and the rocker needed a similar treatment, except different.

I've made a start on the new cover, now I just have to finish. Well I have to decide what I want it to look like in the end and then I have to finish it. So that's my one thing for the week. For me, that is. That and to get over this dang cold! Oh, and the pie is still in the making since I forgot (bad wife!) that Will was going out of town and didn't get it done before he left. So that will be waiting when he gets home on Tuesday. Yay!

How about you? Any projects in the queue?

One Thing
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