November 4, 2010

Playhouse Rock

So the playhouse, er, play...closet? whatever it's called, is looking pretty sharp these days. Well, maybe not sharp, cute is probably a better word. Thanks in part to my very creative boy who has been a big help with the project. We stenciled the back wall with red and pink flowers (by the way, there is a reason stencil paint exists - craft paint does not work when trying to stencil walls. Why knew? OK, OK, obviously other people knew, just not me!) and then Briton helped me turn a birdhouse into the longed for cuckoo clock.
A few days ago I added some curtains to the "window". (in some of the pictures they are just tacked on for sizing, but now they are up for real) I'm not totally sold on the idea that they will actually last long, but we'll see. I've also already been informed that just blue sky out the window won't do, but I'll let Will tackle that.
But all in all, it's pretty much done. And getting a ton of use. Both kids are in and out of the "house" but Evie really really loves it. I can hear her up there talking to her babies as she cooks in the afternoons while she waits for Briton to be done with school. I still have vague plans to make a braided rug or two for their room, including one for the "house" mostly because it gets so cold upstairs in the winter and both kids (and their mommy) have an anti-sock thing (so I should hurry up and get those slippers done!)

So now it's up to them to dream and play and create in there. Well, unless little mini-Will decides something else needs doing in there of course. :)
And speaking of things needing doing. Will is out of town. Which normally would mean I'd be up to something. And I really really want to do something drastic to our bedroom except I'm not supposed to do any new projects. Maybe just some light rearranging though.