November 22, 2010

One Thing

Somehow the month of November has passed me by. I mean, wasn't it just Halloween? Because it feels like it was just Halloween. And now it's time to make fruitcake. Actually, it's kind of late to make fruitcake, I probably should have made them last month but I couldn't get my head around Christmas baking when there were Halloween costumes to figure out. So this is my week, which is good because it also coincides with a week at my parents. Lots of knitting, lots of cooking, lots of turkey and fruitcake baking with people who actually like fruitcake, instead of being the only fruitcake eater in the house.
I still have more work to do on my placemats, but I do have two done, so I'll count it as making progress. And since I'm not in charge of dinner and housekeeping and kid taking to school duties, I might just get them, and some of those lingering knitting for Christmas projects done. this week my One Thing is pretty easy, to make fruitcake, with my dad. Something we haven't done together in a long long time. Although we may have to go pick up some more pans, because I could only find three in my cupboards. I think the dishwasher ate them. Or maybe it was Will throwing them out in the hopes that I wouldn't be able to fill up the freezer with fruitcake this year...

What about you? Any holiday plans in the work? Giant turkey soaking in brine?

One Thing
A Monday habit. Share the one thing that you want to do this week, just for you. Tell us what you are working on in the comments and link back to your blog so we can see all the fun things you do!
So, what will you be up to this week?