November 29, 2010


Fourteen hours each way to Nana and Poppa's house. Over many rivers and through woods and fields and worth every minute of the drive.

Because Briton got a pie making lesson from the master (and made us a batch of perfect jam tarts in Poppa's cool tart pan, need to find myself one of those!)
Because introducing a group of international students to the wonders of spray whipped cream, pumpkin pie and roast turkey during my parents annual dinner is always fun.
Because Will and my Brother watched hours and hours of football together, which meant I didn't have to :) (I'm still happy the Ducks won! Go Ducks!)

Because I got to spend hours wandering with my mom through antique stores and fabric stores (found the perfect wool for Evie's coat-more about that later) and more hours in the kitchen baking with her :)
Because Evie got her first fishing rod (pink, of course) and finally got to go fishing with her brother and poppa after just watching for the past few years.

Because family is always worth it.