November 30, 2010

One Thing

Tomorrow December is here. Ack! December! If October seemed fast then November was just a blink! I love the bustle of December, the parties and activities and tree decorating (tonight!) but I'm a little intimidated this year. While my list of things to make for my little clan are finally well in hand. (not done, but almost) my list of things to make for others has grown longer and there are several that have to get finished in the next week or so in order to be mailed in time. Lots of things to sew and knit and bake over the next 25 days, something I'm so looking forward to even if it will be a squeeze to get it all done. But first, I have a coat to make. And that is my one this this week (a day late!)
Evelyn isn't a fan of "poofy" coats. I can understand that. For one thing, I didn't really like "poofy" coats either, they made me feel like that kid in A Christmas Story who couldn't put his arms down. But also, she is so bitty that she looks a little like a marshmallow with two toothpicks sticking out when she tries them on.

Up to now we've always found heavy wool coats for her and she loves them. They go right along with her love of muffs over gloves and her flower hats. This year I had a hard time finding something that was really warm enough without being "poofy" and while fitting the criteria of "pink" or at least "girly". Not a lot out there. At least not when I was looking. So I got it into my head to make her a coat. OK, I've been pondering making the kids coats for a while. Mostly because my beloved Oliver + S has this pattern which is just so darn sweet. The pattern was bought, soft gray wool and hot pink quilted lining (to go with the hot pink piping and buttons) was found and now all I have to do is make it. I've been teetering on this. On the one hand I have so many projects started or ready to start right now that need to get done, but at the same time, it's cold! My girl needs a coat! Yes, I could go buy one but where's the fun in that?

Hence my One Thing of the week. Make a coat. Or at the very least, get the pattern ironed, pinned and cut out and make a good start on the sewing so that I can finish next week.

What about you? What projects are you up to? Getting Christmas gifts started? Finished? I can't wait to see!

One Thing
A Monday (oops! It's Tuesday!) habit. Share the one thing that you want to do this week, just for you. Tell us what you are working on in the comments and link back to your blog so we can see all the fun things you do!
So, what will you be up to this week?