March 14, 2011


Way back, oh, I think last winter, our kitchen was featured on Design Sponge which was very exciting and a little nerve wracking since people comment, but it was mostly good feedback. That same week I was contacted by Better Homes and Gardens about a doing a spread on the kitchen in one of their Kitchen and Bath magazines (I had no idea that they had several kitchen and bath mags, they do, we are in Makeover not Ideas or DIY). SO a few months later they came out for the day and primped, polished and shot our kitchen. I didn't feel like I could blog about it at the time because frankly I didn't quite believe that our little kitchen, our DIY, make things up as we go kitchen, would actually be in a magazine. Plus they shoot way out. Waaaaay out.
So this weekend when we were cruising the bookstore and we picked up the new issue of Kitchen and Bath Makeovers we had to try hard not to squeal to find that yes, we did make it in. EEEK!
They did an amazing job with the room, making it look bigger than it really is I feel, but I guess that's how it goes in the mags. That sounds like I know what I'm talking about, which I don't. But we're pretty excited! And Nigella looks so cute, it just makes me smile that they asked if she could be in the shot!