Tuesday, March 1, 2011


For the third week in a row I've ended up actually going to the grocery store. If you know me at all you know that I'm obsessed with our local grocery delivery company Retail Relay and I almost never ever go to the grocery store apart from a quick trip to the small market downtown. I love Retail Relay but I'm on a fruit kick and the fruit I'm craving isn't really available, or at least not at my budget, through them, so to the grocery store I've gone. Yesterday Evie and I were trotting around the store using the self scanner (both my kids love these, it actually makes grocery shopping with them fun which may be why I've been willing to go lately) I kept having to haul up my cloth bags as they fell over, scrunched down and otherwise cause me grief. What I needed was one of these.

Seriously, brilliant.
I need them.


Wonder if I could make them actually.... Any thoughts?


  1. Geez! But how would you lift them when they're full? I'd make something that split the cart into thirds, maybe. Straps to both sides to stay open. No little extra zipper pouches.

  2. I just saw them on another blog and decided that I NEED them, too! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  3. I love using the hand held scanners, too! I'm so surprised that more people don't use them. We always run into someone we know at the supermarket and they always ask us what we're doing.

    Those cart bags are awesome! While I love the designs and size of the Whole Foods bags, they are a bit too floppy!

  4. If you figure out how to make them, please share!

  5. Check out the Container Store in your area. They have something very similar for the back of a SUV. I use one. Can be heavy - just be smart and use Market Street bags inside the bag. Groceries already sorted!


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