March 23, 2011

poor poor eliza

Last night Briton came downstairs wearing his best "disappointed older brother" face saying "Evie is in BIG trouble. And then he held out a pair of scissors and some familiar orange and pink yarn.

"She CUT OFF Eliza's hair!" He told me (dramatically, I assure you). Right about then I heard Evelyn erupt into wails in their room.
(before the big cut)

Upstairs I found Evie face down on her bed, sobbing and a partially bald Eliza laying on the floor with "hair" all around her.
(After, looking a little shabby but also a little funky)

Part of me was totally mad. I worked hard on that doll, after all. But then again, it's her doll, right? And better the doll's hair than her own (we've been there already and it was not pretty!) I'll be honest with you, I wasn't really sure how to react. So I lay down on the bed with her to try to calm the high pitched sobs, asking her why she had done that. Except, I already knew the answer.

I cut my kids hair. Always have. Briton, because he dislikes barbers and they always cut his bangs too short, no matter what I say, and Evie's because she has so little hair that she really doesn't need a haircut, but when someone else is getting one (I cut Will's hair as well) she wants one too. She's only had one "real" cut in her almost 5 years. The rest have been mommy cuts. And we've made a big deal about Mommy being the only one who can cut hair, hoping to avoid the "I cut it myself" issue as much as possible. But Evie spends a great deal of her day pretending that she is Eliza's mommy. So, really, it follows that she can cut Eliza's hair.

After some hiccups and nose blowing Evie said as much, also adding that she thought it might grow back rainbow colored (maybe just on the off chance?) but then "it just didn't!" I spent most of her tale trying to not look too stern, which was hard because I was trying not to laugh and stern is how I usually do that. Eventually Evie and the newly shorn Eliza dozed off for the night and all was calm in the house.

But now I have a dilemma. I can fix the doll's hair. I can even make it rainbow colored hair. But should I? Or do I leave it as is as a reminder of what happens if you cut hair? (not to mention it's kind of punk rock cute with the new do, if you don't look at the gaping hole on the back of her head) Hummm. What do you think?